Snake Oil Vs Oil Additive – Engine Automotive Friction Problem – Part I

1. Engine Automotive Oil Additives or “Snake Oil”? Oil additives have failed to deliver for years.In August 1992, a brilliantly written article exposed the repeated failures in the claims of the oil additive (engine automotive and trucking) industry. The article was entitled Snake Oil – Is That Additive Really A Negative? It was written by Fred Rau and was originally printed in Road Rider magazine, now Motorcycle Consumer News. That expose provided the basis for what we in the industry knew: oil additives are a means of lifting money from the wallets of uninformed consumers.Many in the engine automotive industry were already skeptics. We’ve heard all the promises of friction reduction, longer lasting engines, and fuel savings. Repeatedly, such want to be solutions failed to live up to the hype. With over thirty years in the field, I was a full blown skeptic with dozens of oil additives’ experience under my belt.However, an experienced entrepreneur in the field of “toll blending” for heavy duty industrial solutions drew on his expertise to create an environmentally safe, friction reducing, motor oil additive, solving the one problem oil additives failed to overcome.Now, if the problem is truly solved, the benefits are obvious:- less friction means engine automotive protection- less heat means engine automotive friction is reduced- longer engine life means a surge in engine automotive performance- less friction/heat produces a drop in engine automotive related expense- less friction, heat also leads directly to increased engine automotive fuel economyMotor oil, as a lubricant, works but is not always sufficient. When it gets hot, motor oil breaks down, vaporizes and burns. The oil industry has been quite innovative, using different additives to combat this process. Motor oil additives consisting of zinc compounds, molybdenum (“moly”), chlorinated paraffins, and others. The problem with all these additives (apart from plugging oil passages and toxicity) is they are only suspended in the oil.But, you say, that’s the way to get the additives to the hot spots needing friction protection. You must suspend the oil additive in the oil so it is carried to the engine parts needing protection. That’s standard theory.Yes.And that’s been the guiding assumption for the oil additive industry all along. Suspend the oil additive in motor oil and let it be carried to the friction hot spots.2. The “necessary assumption” also provides the problem with engine automotive “theory”.Repeat: Suspend the oil additive in motor oil and let be carried to the friction hot spots.So, what’s the problem?The problem is, the oil additives do not permanently adhere to internal engine stress points. It’s presumed in all oil additive engineering approaches that the motor oil is going to carry its oil additive to the high stress points of the engine. This is where the extra lubricating properties are needed.In that necessary assumption also lies the problem.As an engine works under heavy load conditions, pressure and friction build up at some of those metal points. The result? The oil is suddenly “missing in action”. It burns up from excessive heat or is “squeezed out” (exceeds its load bearing capacity) due to excessive pressure.Either way you end up with “metal on metal”. The additives themselves can’t work because there isn’t enough oil present to suspend them. It’s been squeezed out or burned up. Put bluntly, an additive can only be where the motor oil is present.Remember, if oil additive engineering is relying on an additive’s suspension in motor oil to do its job, then engineering is also stuck with the limitations of the oil’s properties to withstand heat and pressure.Note. The additive must be able to withstand heat and pressure to a greater degree than oil or “Why bother adding it?”.3. Solution: What if an oil additive actually starts to perform at the temperatures and stress where oil normally fails?The solution was an additive already meeting industrial needs concerning friction and heat build up.Carried by the motor oil, it comes to friction points…- engine rings against the cylinder wall-bearings-camshafts-lifters-valve guides-turbo charger-oil pumpHere it does something that no other additive has ever been able to accomplish. This oil additive disassociates (molecularly) from the oil and literally adheres to the metal at the point of friction, leaving a soft metal carboxylate film that can out perform motor oil as a lubricant in a high friction/heat application (as can be seen in the pictures/test results referenced at the site below).So this lubricant, unlike oil, whether it be synthetic or petroleum, actually starts to perform at the temperatures and stress where oil normally fails. Remember what happens inside the engine, when fuel ignites at the top of the compression stroke and the piston is moving down the cylinder. There, most of the oil on the cylinder wall gets burned up.But this additive doesn’t burn up like the motor oil carrying it. It molecularly embeds itself into the pores of the cylinder wall. So, when the piston is traveling back up the cylinder, the additive acts as a lubricating agent and is always there.So, in summation: since you’re getting rid of the friction, then you’re getting rid of the heat generated from it. That means your oil lasts longer. It doesn’t get contaminated as quickly because those high friction points are being adequately lubricated. Adequately lubricated, they will cease to be high friction points, running cooler, the oil will pass through those points without burning which creates harmful acids and sludge.Most importantly your engine can last longer, run more efficiently, and the fuel that was being used to overcome the friction can now be used to move you down the road to where you need to go.

Budget Ideas for Your Kitchen

For those people who love to eat or cook, the kitchen is usually the best, and most used, room in their house: they love working there and want it to look wonderful all of the time. Often remodeling it and upgrading it is considered…In the United States, kitchen improvements and remodeling is one of the top home improvement projects; it is also the most expensive to redesign. So does that mean you cannot have a new look for your kitchen because you don’t have the necessary finances available?Not really! There are different ways and alternatives that will still give you a new and modern look for your kitchen even if you are on a tight budget. What makes kitchen remodeling expensive is that most people buy new appliances and cabinets and use expensive materials for their flooring and countertops. That need not be the case.Your kitchen can be improved for less by refinishing your existing cabinets, buying used appliances, and choosing the more economical options for countertops and floorings.The first thing to do is to refurbish the existing kitchen cabinets. For a much brighter effect, paint them inside and out with a lighter shade of paint: white enamel is a good option because of its neutral effect. The cabinet handles can also be painted, or polished (if made of metal) for a shinier look; they (along with the other hardware which was removed before painting) can be placed back on the freshly painted cabinets.Your new kitchen can have new laminate countertops and vinyl floor, professionally installed, for a more reasonable price than using solid synthetic, tile, or granite materials. These too, will brighten the room. Your existing stainless-steel kitchen sink can also be reused. It may need cleaning to remove the rust and the faucet may be changed to a more stylish. yet inexpensive one.If your kitchen appliances are still in good condition, then keep them rather than buy others. If not, then you may opt to buy used appliances: refurbished appliances are not necessarily of low quality. There are second-hand or refurbished items that are still in excellent condition available but you may have to search to find them – try bargain stores, used appliance stores, or garage sales. Don’t think that you need to by the first you see -be patient and you might find better ones elsewhere for an even lower price.If your kitchen has a fireplace, it may just need some cleaning and a decorative touch to blend in with your new kitchen. You can place some inexpensive, decorative, scented candles for a touch of class, pleasing scent, and warm glow to the area.Opt to add some fashionable curtains to your kitchen window for a new look, making sure the curtain color and style matches the overall look of your kitchen. You might even consider making the curtains yourself. Just purchase a piece of cloth that would match your kitchen design, and sew them yourself. Not only did you save by making them, you also gave your kitchen a personal touch because of your handmade curtains.There are many ways that you can design your own kitchen for less. You just need to think use your imagination. Seek help from your friends and family who could provide other ideas. Not only will you get good advice from “professionals,” you most probably will not get charged for it! If you are capable of doing most of the work yourself, there would be fewer things you would have to hire done and less expense.You see, budget is really not a constraint to having a totally new look for your kitchen. And it is not just a new look, it is a modern and stylish new kitchen.

Guaranteed Approval on Auto Loans: Guaranteed Benefits for a Bad Credit Car Buyer

The initial process of financing a car is ideally established. You approach your local car dealership, select your desired car and apply for the loan. However, in case of a car buyer with bad credit history, obtaining a loan might get difficult due to the absence of a co-signer, amongst other things. Despite a damaged credit history and significantly low credit score, a guaranteed approval on your auto loan can be an essential medium to get you closer to the car that you wish to buy.A guaranteed approval on your auto loan ensures that there will be a fixed amount of money that you will receive for the car that you purchase. If you do not have a perfect credit history, a guaranteed approval on your auto loan should be the first thing on your mind. It helps in the sense that even when you have bad credit, you can still get finance for your car; while at the same time determine the exact amount of approval. The approved figure can come in handy when you set out to look for cars in a dealership lot as you can estimate the car that fits your range. For those of you still contemplating whether a guaranteed approval on your auto loan can help your bad credit situation, here are a few benefits for you to consider.• Instant Credit ApprovalThe whole procedure of acquiring an auto loan can get cumbersome at times. The key advantage of a guaranteed approval on your auto loan is that the process becomes swift. In some cases, it may even take as short as one day to get your loan approved. That way, the next day you may have the funds required to make the purchase for your car. Therefore, it can help you bargain a better deal as you have already received the cash to buy your car.• Assistance in Advanced PlanningThere are a number of lenders who provide various options to get you a car that falls under your budget. Once you have knowledge of the approved loan amount, you can know where you stand with your payments. If you want to make a future investment, you can know the exact amount that you will need to put aside for the loan and accordingly plan where to spend. Thus, a guaranteed approval on your auto loan will give you a heads up on your future spends and savings.• Enhance your Credit RatingA guaranteed approval on an auto loan can be a great means of enhancing your credit rating, especially when you have suffered from a bad credit record, low credit rating or zero credit score. The ‘guaranteed’ in the guaranteed approval of an auto loan is an indicator of the fact that obtaining the loan is accessible to all, regardless of your current financial situation. Therefore, if you keep up with your regular payments for the loan, you can substantially improve your credit rating over a long period of time.Stumbling upon bad credit and getting rejected for a loan can be avoided with the help of a guaranteed approval on your auto loan. A smooth and swift credit approval and improving your credit rating are few of the benefits that come along with it. So next time you are refraining from entering a dealership because of bad credit history, get a guaranteed approval on your auto loan so that you can make your next car purchase a lot easier.